Academic Personnel Services Unit (APSU)

When Harvest Shared Service Center (HSSC) was formed in July 2013, the Academic Personnel Services (APSU) division was formed to coordinate and streamline Academic services for the College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences (CNAS).

  • College Analyst Reviewer for all Academic Personnel Actions for Decanal Approval:
    • Merit & Promotion Files
    • eFilePlus
    • Active Service Modified Duties (ASMD)
    • Stop the Clock (STC) Requests
    • Instructional Workload Credits (IWC)
    • Labor Relations (Academic)
    • Outside Activities (APM 025)
    • Summer Salary & Additional Compensation
    • Course Buyouts
  • AP Department Assistants:
    • Non-Senate Appointments & Reappointments (Postdocs, Specialists, Researchers, Project Scientists, Academic Coordinators, Visiting Scholars, etc.)
    • Leaves & Sabbaticals
    • Visas
    • Academic Recruitments (AP Recruit: Senate & Non-Senate)
    • Academic Appointment Files (Senate & Cooperative Extension)
    • Recall Appointments
    • Summer Session Appointments

Departments Served by Harvest's APSU

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