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Human Resources



HARVEST provides a variety of Human Resources for the College of Natural & Agricultural Sciences:


HR Services

  • Staff Recruitments (including Limited Appointments); HR-Analysis of classification/request; Near Relative Requests Analysis; Staff Retiree Request Analysis; Affirmative Action.
  • HR Analysis of Policy; Labor Relations consultation; approval of action.
  • Re-classification and Equity requests. 
  • Periodic audits of HR policy matters.
  • Compliance Training Coordination (compliance, ethics, sexual harassment, lab safety, etc.).
  • HR Professional Development/Training - Procedure/Guidelines/Self Help tools, communication regarding training opportunities & requirements, etc.
  • Adhoc reports (as needed)
  • HR Audits/data analyses.

CNAS Departments

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CNAS News in "Inside UCR"


CIBER squad
CIBER Squad honored for bee health solutions
A team of UC Riverside doctoral students researching honey bee health won an honorable mention in the Wilbur-Ellis Innovation Awards. Sponsored by Wilbur-Wllis, an agricultural company, the competition invited student teams from U.S. colleges and universities to propose better approaches for providing food for a growing global population. UCR’s team, dubbed the CIBER Squad, was one of four groups to win a $5,000 honorable mention prize. Its focus was on reversing the decline in bee populations.
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NSF bestows CAREER Awards on 11 UC Riverside professors
Eleven UCR faculty have been honored by the National Science Foundation this year
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A summer of particle physics
Three UC Riverside undergraduates just finished internships at CERN in Switzerland
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Antiferromagnetic hybrids achieve important functionality for spintronic applications
UC Riverside-led study shows robust spin transport at antiferromagnet/ferromagnet interfaces
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