Harvest Shared Services Center was formed in 2013 to enact a coordinated and efficient structure for delivering academic personnel, human resources, and payroll services. Whether serving academic or staff employees, our focus is to educate, transact, and enforce the "people-related" policies of the college, the campus, and external agencies. See below for detailed information about the services offered, forms you will need, and specific contacts by department.

Harvest Tree Clients


Harvest Shared Services Center divisions:



Harvest Services provided:


Academic Personnel

Merit & Promotion
Academic Personnel Analysis
Academic Leave Analysis
Senate Recruitment
Non-Senate Recruitment
Academic Separation Analysis 



Full Accounting Unit (FAU) Salary Cost Transfer (SCT) Transactions Offboarding & Onboarding Processes Position Management
Leave Processes Pay Rate Changes Additional Compensation Changes Other Non-FOM Processes


Human Resources

Adhoc Reports (as needed) HR Audits/Data Analyses Audits of HR Policy Matters Compliance Training Coordination
HR Professional Development/Training HR Analysis of Policy Re-classification & Equity Requests Staff Recruitments


UCR News

Public lecture to focus on synthetic genome engineering
Lei Stanley Qi of Stanford University will give the 2021 Thomas and Salma Haider Biomedical Breakthrough Lecture at UC Riverside
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A satellite and lidar image of the Sun Pyramid at Teotihuacan
Modern activities follow the contours of ancient Teotihuacan
Lidar mapping study reveals vast landscape modifications that still influence construction and farming
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Chemical discovery gets reluctant seeds to sprout
Seeds that would otherwise lie dormant will spring to life with the aid of a new chemical discovered by a UC Riverside-led team. 
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Sproul Hall - SOE
Graduate School of Education changes name
Effective Monday, Sept. 20, the Graduate School of Education will officially become the School of Education, or SOE. The new name will reflect the scope of the school’s research, community engagement, and academic programs, specifically the undergraduate degree program, which was approved in 2017 and now accounts for 60% of the school’s enrollment.  The simple name change was approved at the University of California-system level in August.
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